Anti-Corruption is a work always on its way- Prof Shizhou Wang


The Lady Lawyer

On Thursday, August 13, 2015, my LLM class had the distinct honour of listening to Prof Shizhou Wang from the Faculty of Law, Peking University in the People’s Republic of China. The lecture was about anti-corruption and criminal law in China. Prof Wang’s CV is very intimidating and I had looked forward to the lecture for some time. In person, he cuts a very imposing figure.

IMG-20150814-WA0004 Prof Wang listening to my question after his lecture at the Faculty of Law University of the Western Cape on August 13, 2015. Photo by Thato Toeba.

The lecture opened with the history of the anti-corruption legal regime in China from the Yu Shi Tai since 221 BC to the modern system. He noted that corruption is a serious socio-political problem which usually skyrocket in periods of transitional. I noticed that one of the focal points of the Chinese anti-corruption system is the so-called ‘official…

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