National Anthem Mistakes – My story referenced by the NYTimes


During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I followed up an incident where the Nigerian national anthem was replaced with that of Niger ahead of their opening men’s football game against Japan.

The Nigerian team had struggled to reach Manaus following bungled travel plans by the ministry of sport. They arrived less than five hours before their game and when they got out to play, were confronted with a strange music that wasn’t their national anthem.

They did not allow this incident to deflate their spirits and went on to win a highly entertaining game 5-3.

During the uproar that followed the wrong anthem on social media, I contacted the Rio OCOG for explanation and I got a prompt response with an apology. My article was published on Goal as an exclusive, the only media personnel to have taken it up.

Today I discovered that the New York Times had referenced my story in their article titled, “Oh, Say, What’s With All the National Anthem Mistakes?”- see link:

Glad to know that my work helped a major news media like the NYT. It’s an important affirmation of what one does with diligence.

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