Sport management education for the future – RIOU 2017 MSA Open Day Speech


Below is the short speech that I recently gave at the 2017 Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, Open Day on April 14, 2017.

Let me welcome you once again to the Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, on this occasion of the 2017 Open Day.

As you know, the Russian International Olympic University is a human and educational legacy of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games that was held here in Sochi, Adler and the surrounding mountains of Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana.

Nigeria Football Federation embraces integrity but will it implement new strategy?


On Tuesday, the Nigeria Football Federation announced a nine-point integrity strategy, which if fully implemented will lead to transparency and growth of the game in the country.

The strategy intends to put a stop to several illegal actions by officials in football, one of the biggest being federation and state officials playing the roles of football agents who push their players into national teams.

How sport can help human development in former Boko Haram territories


I recently watched an Al Jazeera documentary about the progress that is being made by women footballers in Rwanda, more than two decades after the ugly genocide that tore that country apart.
While football is not and can never be a panacea for righting the wrongs of the past and making amends for human rights abuses, it certainly has changed the way of life and given a breath of hope to the women who play it.

Human Trafficking and the Lure of Free Visas: Who regulates Nigeria’s travel operators?

Are newspapers like Complete Sports overlooking the public good by carrying adverts that are questionable in intention?

Are newspapers like Complete Sports overlooking the public good by carrying adverts that are questionable in intention?

Open today’s Complete Sports newspaper, Nigeria’s biggest sports daily, and you are confronted by adverts promising travelers work and sweet pay in Dubai and Turkey, as long as you have an international passport.

An advertiser even sweetens the deal with the headline: “First time ever, Pay back in Dubai!!! Get a 2years Dubai visa + Ticket. This batch is for WOMEN only. The minimum salary is N150,000, graduates or skilled (artisans) get more, pay back the money spent on you abroad,” as he lures Nigerians into the world of shady travel as many seek to escape a country where good jobs are increasingly hard to come by and living day to day brings with it troubles and uncertainty.

So I called up the number on the bottom of the advert saying I intend to send a younger sister abroad in order to make money for the family.

“It is nanny work,” responds the man, who confidently tells me the visa will be issued to my fictional sister.

When I talk about the fear of turning women into prostitutes during the trip, he responds: “I can’t lie to you, I’m a good Christian. I don’t deal with things like that.

“The visa will be out in a month,” he assures.

Despite Dubai's stringent new immigration rules, adverts like this promise easy money

Despite Dubai’s stringent new immigration rules, adverts like this promise easy money

Another advert promises jobs, “free ticket, free accommodation, free feeding, free medical and four years permit” to work at American military bases in Spain and Turkey among many other offers.

In broad daylight, Nigerians are asked to surrender their freedom to traffickers on the pages of major newspapers.

In a time when human trafficking is such a big deal, shady deals are advertised in broad daylight inside Nigerian newspapers to lure desperate individuals who are thirsty for a better life and the promise of heaven on earth in foreign countries.

Who is monitoring these activities?

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) oversees all issues pertaining to illegal travel.

When I called their Lagos zonal office, a female officer told me they are regularly monitoring the media and doing underground investigations.

However, she wasn’t aware of today’s publication in the Complete Sports.

“We will get [the paper] and do our own underground investigation,” she said.

How often do they sweep the media for open advertisements like these?

“We do, we have our own ways of doing this kind of thing. But this one that you said, I don’t know maybe the people in investigations have any hint about it. So I will get across to the Zonal Commander,” she said.

As long as implausible offers of travel to foreign lands continue to be allowed in the media, Nigerians will continue to fall prey to human traffickers.

Let’s hope they bell these cats.


Promise of work and free living in Turkey and Spain could lure unsuspecting Nigerians

Do you have a human trafficking tip off? Call the Lagos NAPTIP office: 07080601801. Email:

Good morning to a New ‪Nigeria‬

Buhari silhouette

Nigeria’s new president Muhammadu Buhari at an election campaign. Photo by Bayo Omoboriowo/StateCraft

They thought we couldn’t make things work, but we’ve proven them wrong.

Some people said we couldn’t even find a date to hold elections, yet we have now held a most credible one.

They said the opposition could never unite, now we have seen how a people with one voice and aspiration can excel.

They said opposition can never win elections in Nigeria, yet we have proven them wrong.

They said an incumbent could never lose an election in this clime, now they know better.

They said they would rule for 60 years, now they know better.

They said Nigeria would break this year, now they see we love life more than war.

They told us that change is a figment of our imagination, we dreamed it and it is now reality.

They took our votes for granted, now it has come back to haunt them.

They said an incumbent would never accept defeat, yet we have shown we have a large heart.

They have said our country is corrupt, we will show them that we still have hope for a greater future.

We are the new Nigeria, we are the new Africans, we are the change the world has been waiting for.

You and I will yet make good things happen.