Thoughts on Nigeria’s future


This afternoon I thought about the Nigeria that I was born into and which I have known for the better part of my 34 years on earth.

I was born in Argungu, a town in North West Nigeria while my father was the divisional police officer (DPO) in that famous fishing enclave.

The circumstances of my birth mean that I have always thought of my country as one indivisible country with many diverse tongues.

We were brought up to see Nigeria as home and nowhere else.

One of my earliest memories of Nigeria was when the country celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1985 when I was five years old.

All over the national broadcaster NTA, the song “Nigeria is 25” replaced the national anthem. I can still hear it with my inner ear. Such nostalgia.

Here we are 30 years later and we are at a big crossroads.

The elections of 2015 will either make or break Nigeria.

This is the year when we decide whether the thread that binds us is stronger than the hate that threatens to tear us apart.

I hope my Nigeria stays one, I hope that innocent blood is not shed. I hope we come through #Nigeriadecides in one piece, stronger than ever.

I hope I get to show my daughter a peaceful country like my father worked for long ago.

Nigeria we are One.