Good morning to a New ‪Nigeria‬

Buhari silhouette

Nigeria’s new president Muhammadu Buhari at an election campaign. Photo by Bayo Omoboriowo/StateCraft

They thought we couldn’t make things work, but we’ve proven them wrong.

Some people said we couldn’t even find a date to hold elections, yet we have now held a most credible one.

They said the opposition could never unite, now we have seen how a people with one voice and aspiration can excel.

They said opposition can never win elections in Nigeria, yet we have proven them wrong.

They said an incumbent could never lose an election in this clime, now they know better.

They said they would rule for 60 years, now they know better.

They said Nigeria would break this year, now they see we love life more than war.

They told us that change is a figment of our imagination, we dreamed it and it is now reality.

They took our votes for granted, now it has come back to haunt them.

They said an incumbent would never accept defeat, yet we have shown we have a large heart.

They have said our country is corrupt, we will show them that we still have hope for a greater future.

We are the new Nigeria, we are the new Africans, we are the change the world has been waiting for.

You and I will yet make good things happen.